Her journey in the world of dance began when she was 5 years old, working off her energy at Boogie Woogie and later on at other disciplines such as Hip Hop and Modern Jazz.

Alessandra was first introduced to the Lindy Hop in 2007, although she truly started dancing and studying Lindy in 2009 upon joining the performance crew ‘Wops’, with Sacha (Sax) Alvisi.  Together, they created the first Italian musical company dedicated to Swing: the ‘Nagasaki Swing Team’, for which she produced, directed and choreographed two musicals entirely set in the 1920’s.

End 2014 she moved to Montpellier with her partner to continue studying vernacular dances. One year later, she joined the SwingJammerz crew, one of the most renowned Swing dance schools in Europe, teaching Lindy Hop and Solo Charleston classes.

At the same time her international career took off, being invited to teach at festivals across Europe (Poland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, United-Kingdom, Italy).

Currently, Alessandra lives in Brussels, sharing her passion within Easy Swing – Belgium’s biggest swing dance school – for which she teaches Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Solo Blues classes.