Gionny FortyFive

I started collect vinyls in 7 inches format (45 rpm), in 2002 after being voice and lyricist in CupoBeat Enterprise, a project of electronic/d’n’b/spokenwords with which we won the 1999 edition of Arezzo Wave and released two albums between 1998 and 2001.

As of today I possess about 3,200 discs, including 45 rpm vinyl and 78 rpm shellac records.

Between 2002 and 2009 the musical proposal as vinyls selector ranged between

typical musical genres of the ’60s, surf, beat, the first after-beat and psychedelia. From about 8 years now, even for my historical interest in the years between the two World Wars and the immediate post-war period during the end of forties, I focused the search for vinyls, both 7 inch and 78 rpm, around the musical genres in vogue between the beginning of the ’30s and the end of the 50’s with particular attention to the danceable swing.

In Belluno, the city where I was born and raised, I have still active a project which

I started in 2002, namely “Maurice and the Atoms” and I share this with my good friend Maurizio De Min. It’s about selection, always on size 45 rpm vinyls, of all those genres that were dancing Italy after the war, an historical insight into the music in vogue in those years without any discrimination of musical genres. A faithful reproduction of what really was listened in those year.

As Gionny FortyFive I select danceable swing; the range of years in which I focuse my selection is the one of the Swing Era, that is to say the decade between 1935 and 1945. This decision came after I approached the world of Lindy Hop and after understanding what is part of me this dance. Having already a lot of material in vinyl and shellac available I wanted to start a project of specific selection for dancers. And so even for myself.

First of all I feel my self as a collector, then I really enjoy it put the needle on the micro-grooves and share.